Beit Al-Baraka Restaurant

Beit Al Barakah Restaurant is a classical Arabic word meaning "The Blessed House ". Authentic Jordanian cuisine is served here in a real Jordanian environment and genuine atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from the whole country, Beit Al Barakah Restaurant has introduced a special dining experience, bringing our gastronomic heritage together with our fresh Jordanian ingredients. The Taboun, old clay oven, is used to bake traditional bread or to grill lamb or meat before your eyes, encouraging you to take part in cooking and preparing your own meal, giving you hints about cooking Jordanian food, enjoying Mansaf, Magloubah, Kofteh, Kabab until you have the most enjoyable experience of your meal being served to your table in a handmade pottery dish. All of these experiences are only a token of Alqantarah's dedication to serving you our traditional feasts to make your meal with us truly memorable.

Enjoy the authentic Jordanian style of architecture and the outstanding interior design of our dining room which is inspired by our heritage as you savour the culinary experience to come. Enjoy the local artwork on display throughout the restaurant., Our knowledgeable service team are extremely willing to guide you through our menu and advise what is best for your particular tastes.